I grew up in Colchester, schooling locally and graduated from UVM. My education was interrupted with a stint in the Marines where I was a combat radio operator in Viet Nam. My first segment at UVM I was on the ski and tennis teams. My second segment three years later was the more serious side where I worked part time for a builder to supplement my GI Bill stipend allowing me to graduate with smaller debt load. Building was interesting and rewarding, however, there was a significant downturn in the economy at graduation time. Living through the peaks and valleys of the construction business didn’t seem that appealing at the time, given my level of experience. After graduating from UVM I spent several years managing an industrial facility in Franklin County dabbling in real estate. I started in the rental business first with a camp on the lake then a house that I had moved to a new location. The house turned into enough of a success to leverage into a multi-unit property in St. Albans. Then as the economy dipped again recently my wife and I bought a condo to rent in Florida. When I left the industrial world for real estate in 2004 I dove in with both feet taking as many classes as possible to learn as much as I could as quickly as possible. After 5 years in the business I moved to Keller Williams for a bigger picture look at the industry and area. KW is the strongest brokerage in the country when it comes to making sure their agents are well educated and mentored. Classes are a constant part of the program as are sharing experiences to all client’s benefit. KW has grown from 15 or so agents in Colchester when I arrived in 2011 to over 100 today as agents find the model advantageous to their personal growth, making them the best agent out there thus benefitting the needs and desires of their clients.

I married the girl of my dreams when I met her while we were at UVM after my return. Several years later our son was born. We spent a lot of time in the outdoors ourselves and with him especially on the water, boating, swimming, in the winter skiing, skating. I have skied all my life and competed right up through UVM and hoped maybe my son would follow but that was not his passion. We spent lots of time biking and he ended up being a pretty good cross country racer while I was happier on the roads of VT. He recently graduated from Oregon State University and is beginning his life near Portland as a botanist.
My life has essentially been an outdoor life and real estate fits in well with that. I have enjoyed the transition to this world and am only sorry I didn’t spend more of my life doing it.